Art & Craft


Working with art material is a wonderful way for children to experiment with colour, shape, design and texture. Through all the free painting, free drawing, gluing, sticking and other related activities, the children learn many skills, can express themselves, appreciate beauty and have lots of fun at the same time.

Construction Activities


To challenge the mind and stimulate the child’s imagination, to increase co-ordination and shape recognition our daily schedule includes construction activities and the children get totally engrossed with the blocks and are never tired of constructing tall buildings.

Music & Singing


We have singing and dancing every day in the daily schedule to make the children aware of the rhythm in their body and co-ordinate movements of the body. The children simply adore this activity and come out of their shells and give vent to the bubbling energy. This is a great way to boost the children’s confidence and speech as they learn the actions and words of the songs as a group This is also followed by simple physical exercises to keep them fit and healthy.

Junior Chef


All little ones will have the opportunity to participate in this simple but fun cooking session. It will enable them to experience the world of food firsthand, as they will be the ones making their own snacks. It is a wonderful way for them to discover new tastes, textures and smells. Whatever is not eaten in class will be taken home for parents as a sample.

Fun Experiments


All the children will have an opportunity to observe and participate in simple experiments. This will enable them to experience new ideas and how things work in a fun way.

Show and Tell

Each child will receive a special Show and Tell Time. They recognize people and objects and speak on them. They are encouraged to speak on their own and also talk to their friends. These activities help the child in developing the soft skills, social skills and boost their self esteem and build confidence.

Creative Play Areas


We have a variety of creative play areas, inside and outside our building that are equipped with safe and solid equipment. The children have an equal amount of creative play time in our shaded outside play grounds and Water and Sand area to be utilized under favorable weather conditions. These areas are designed to incorporate the various learning goals which encourage the children to use their physical and creative development. Our indoor Playroom is equipped to encourage role play and other physical activities and in our creative room the children have an opportunity to explore Junior Chef and Fun Experiments.

Educational Field Trips - Visits from Professionals

Children can learn a lot from the environment and the community they live in. Young children naturally seek hands on experiences that will help them to understand the world they live in better.

Field trips are organized for children to enhance their learning experiences, develop an awareness of their environment and to sharpen their observation and social skills as well as to build their vocabularies through concrete experiences.

Children may take part in an educational field trip with the prior consent of their parents. Specific permission is sought on each occasion an educational field visit is organized.

We also invite professional visitors to the nursery for simple talks and introduce them to the children such as doctors, dentists/hygienists, vets, firemen, policemen, artists and craftsmen etc.



The children need to bring all food and drinks requirements for the day. Cool drinking bottled water is always available for them at the nursery. The nursery children have a snack/drinks break, and the day care children will have two breaks one in the morning and one in the evening and lunch at 12 noon. Food for lunch is refrigerated and warmed before serving. Eating is always under the supervision of teachers and assistance from nannies. We encourage parents to send healthy snacks for children to eat and to encourage them to develop healthy eating habits. Please avoid chocolates, nuts, cakes, crisps and fizzy drinks etc… except on special occasions. Please ensure that the lunch boxes are named and only unbreakable water bottles are used.



Supervised air-conditioned nursery transport equipped with child safe seats is available for children living in Dubai and Sharjah.