About us

Welcome to The Emirates Tender Care & Nursery – A friendly, warm and a larger home, an ideal place for children to spend their early learning years.

Our nursery follows Birth to Three Matters Frame work in the younger (6 months to 3 years) classes and the British Foundation Curriculum in the older (3+ years) classes. Children from the age of 6 months and above are provided with a safe, happy and nurturing environment that fosters positive growth and development and prepares them for challenging years ahead.

Our bright, colorful and cheerful premises provide children with activities that encourage self awareness, develop social skills and finer motor skills. Activities are changed every half an hour keeping in mind the attention span of our young learners. Classes are small in size to maximize individual attention. Each class has a teacher and an assistant both conversant in English to provide a motivating and stimulating environment that caters to the child’s social, emotional and physical needs.

We believe, ” A happy child makes the Whole World happy”.

We invite you to visit our nursery to look around, feel the positive vibes, witness the homely caring atmosphere plus have a glimpse of the lively, smiling , young faces.